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Reading Recovery Program


 The main aim of teaching children through Reading Recovery is to help them become skilled readers who can understand what they read.

 This is done by teaching them different tools,

Like, word analysis skills, that involve phonics and processing strategies to read with understanding.

Required for their grade level."

  • Reading and writing go hand in hand.

  • When children learn to read, it helps them become better at writing, and when they learn to write, it helps them become better at reading.

  • Writing is a crucial part of the Reading Recovery program.

  • In their lessons, children learn how to create sentences and write down their own ideas.

  • They are taught how to use their phonics knowledge to spell words correctly.

  • As they make progress, they learn more advanced grammar rules and how to spell more complex words.

  • They also build a vocabulary of words they can write easily, which helps them become better and fluent writers.


Reading is a Passport to Countless Adventures

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